We are excited to announce our next two events for the summer and fall! We are working on a collaboration concert with the Kansas City Ballet's Adaptive Dance program. This unique class is for children with developmental delays and we are so excited to create an event that celebrates all people with mental disabilities. We are also working on our third and final installment of our documentary series. This documentary, partnered with the Johnson County Library, will be extended into a multimedia exhibition series culminating in its feature premiere at the Johnson County Library this fall. We hope you join us for both events and stay tuned for more information!


We work to serve the greater Kansas City area by creating artistic events that highlight social causes. We service both local artists and local organizations by creating programming that partners the arts with social advocacy. We provide media production services to help generate greater awareness and acceptance surrounding social issues. 

Artistic Partnering

We dedicate ourselves to creating unique, relevant, and intersectional programming for every event. 

If you are an artist of any discipline or part of an organization that works towards bettering our community and would like to inquire about developing an event, please click below.


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Media Production

We provide media production services to organizations, groups, and artistic entities that are working to better the Kansas City community.

These services include:

  • Promotional trailers and photography
  • Video and photo documentation of events

Please click below for inquiries.