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This September through December we will be showing our new multimedia exhibit, Art Views: Creativity and Culture in Kansas City Minority Communities. We are partnering with the Johnson County Library to present this extended exhibit that will culminate in a live performance and viewing of the feature length documentary. Our three participating artists; Hugo Ximello-Salido, Leslie Norman Hubble and Taylor McClellan are each showcasing their work at a different Johnson County Library Branch. Hugo Ximello-Salido is showing at Blue Valley Library, Leslie Norman Hubble is showing at Corinth Library and Taylor McClellan is showing at Gardner Library. The three participating performing artists; Lee Hartman, Nora Burkitt and Andi Meyer, will perform at the premiere event on December 6th. Throughout the exhibit, we will have three talk backs, each with two artists, where we will preview their interview segments and speak to them person about their work. In addition, the interview segments will be available on the Johnson County Library website and in our video section on this website. The premiere event on December 6th will be at the Central Library and will feature live performances from our artists and the screening of the full documentary. We hope to see you throughout this extended artistic event!

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Our latest documentary "I Woke Up Like This: Expressing the Road to Body Positivity Together" is available to stream! If you'd like to purchase a hard copy, please send us a message!


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